The features of our mobile outdoor washroom facilities are customized for gender-specific needs, are extremely hygienic and environmentally friendly

Male Compartment

Water Closet

One water closet in a sizable enclosure.

Hand Washing Basin

Two sizable hand washing basins.


Three hand-free, water-free ordorless urinals.

Female Compartment

Water Closet

Four water closets in a sizable enclosure.

Hand Washing Basin

Two sizable hand washing basins.

Other features

Enhancements at both compartments to ensure the comfort, convenience and safety of your guests


The unit is fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort.


Sweet scented fragrance to keep he unit refreshed throughout functions.

Pedal flush WCs

WC flush with foot, to prevent bacteria spread through hand touching.

Mahogany themed interior

Rich beautiful mahogany themed interior.

Mahogany vanity mirrors

Large wall mounted mirrors with mahogany trims.

Toilet roll

Ample supply of toilet roll.

Backup power generator set

Onboard power generator, in case of power failure / unavailability from the national grid.

Gender specific attendant

Dedicated gender specific attendants to keep unit clean at all times.

Paper towels

Abundant paper towel supply.

Fresh water supply

200-gallon onboard water tank, providing fresh water throughout events.

Hand washing soap

Dermatological friendly hand soap.

Free towing

The unit will be towed to and from the event venue free of charge, within Accra.

Interior lighting

Ample interior LED lighting.

Exterior lighting

Bright exterior lighting.

Waste bin

Neatly positioned waste bin.

Brakes and stabilizers

Brakes and stabilizers to keep the unit securely positioned.


Banisters to support patrons while entering the unit.


Hire Posh Potty, and treat your guests to a five-star outdoor washroom experience

Posh Potty provides luxury mobile outdoor washroom facilities for all kinds of events.

Our units serves to add a touch of class, excellence, style and convenience to your events, giving your guests a five-star pleasant, comfortable and hygienic washroom experience, and giving you the peace of mind knowing that all your washroom needs have been taken care of.

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